Huge CLUB Factory Haul !! Part 1.

Hey Everyone !!

This video is about the products that I have purchased from Club Factory App Part 1.

Products Prices in video order :
Diamond Fashion Bracelet = Rs:54.53/-
Turquoise Rhinestone Jewellery Set = Rs:95.58/-
Simple Mix Constellation Necklace (Leo) = Rs:45.55/-
Electrocardiogram Necklace (Silver) = Rs:34/-
Metal Leaves Short Necklace = Rs:44.9/-
Simple Mix Constellation Necklace(Libra) = Rs:45.55/-
Flowers Statement Necklace = Rs:28.23/-
Steel ECG Clavicle Necklace = Rs:23.09/-
Luminous Necklace = Rs:70.56/-
Vintage Love Heart Necklace = Rs:58.38/-
Diamond Water Drop Long Necklace (HeartLink) = Rs:41.7/-
Multi Layer Necklace = Rs:44.26/-
Metal Diamond Flower Bracelet = Rs:97.51/-
Upper Arm Exaggerated Armlet = Rs:73.13/-
Arrow Arm Cuff = Rs:61.58/-

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